Patents Filed

Sr. No. Title Research Lab Faculty Name Application/Patent number
1 System And Method For Capturing Horizontal Disparity Stereo Panorama CVIT Prof. Anoop Namboodiri US10154249B2 Application US15/627,224
2 System and Method for Automatically Generating Split Screen for a Video of a Dynamic Scene CVIT Prof. Vineet Gandhi US10084970B2 Application US15/832,217
3 System and apparatus for and methods of control of localized energy use in a building using price set points Assignee - The Regents of the University of California EERC Prof. Vishal Garg US10496066B2 Application US15/681,086
4 Instantaneous Accident Detection And Notification system SPCRC Prof. Rammurthy Patent no - 339145 Application - 3780/CHE/2011
5 A System For Implementation Of Doubly Cognitive Wireless Sensor Networks SPCRC Prof. Rammurthy Patent no - 297998 Application - 3779/CHE/2011
6 Design of universal cognitive radio engine based hybrid communication Systems SPCRC Prof. Rammurthy 4383/CHE/2013
7 System and method for real time traffic management in single lane roads DSAC Prof. Kamal Karlapalem E-filing - 201741046522 TEMP/E-1/47207/2017-CHE
8 System and method for evaluating and facilitating customized SERC Prof. Raghu Reddy US20200104235A1 Application US16/587,007
9 Telescopic differential screw based Stewart platform RRC Prof. Madhava Krishna US 16254486
10 Multidirectional locomotive module with omnidirectional bending RRC Prof. Madhav Krishna US 16118658
11 Siren (security information retrieval and extraction engine) System and method for retrieving and extracting security information from one or more computing devices SERC Prof. Raghu Reddy US 16421343
12 A pareto max flow based pollution mitigation strategy MLL Prof. Praveen Paruchari US 16724322 Publication number: US 2020-0200555 A1
13 Interactive documents using text-based chat LTRC Prof. Manish Shrivastava 201941042926
14 Pro-Hysteretic Switch CVEST Prof. Syed Azeemuddin 201941030471
15 Protein binding detection CVEST Prof. Syed Azeemuddin, Prof. Tapan Sau, Prof. Prabhakar Bhimalapuram 202041020223
16 System and method for assessing binocular vision ability of a subject in virtual reality environment CogSci Prof. Kavita Vemuri 201941012554
17 Non invasive BP measurement method CVEST Prof. Syed Azeemuddin 201941024470
18 On-chip complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (cmos) resistance CVEST Prof. Zia Abbas 201941029054
19 PEARLS - Visual Data Analytic and Query System DSAC Prof. Kamal Karlapalem 202041002814
20 System for efficient and failure resilient controller for an over actuated multiagent payload transport robot DSAC Prof. Kamal Karlapalem 202041024851
21 Space filling fractal curves based Micro-heaters CVEST Prof. Aftab Hussain 202041002238
22 System and method for replacing low battery robots in a multi robotic payload transport system DSAC Prof. Kamal Karlapalem 202041024429
23 Multi-output differential system RRC Prof. Abhishek and Prof. Madhava Krishna 201941049318
24 System and method for reducing data transmission in an iot network SPCRC Prof. Sachin Chaudhari 202041019320
25 Re-configurable unmanned aerial vehicle for rapid and efficient payload delivery RRC Prof. Madhava Krishna 202041024431
26 Analog design synthesis using analog standard cell component library incorporating AI/ML CVEST Prof. Zia Abbas 202041041297
27 Low Quiescent Current, Capacitor-Less LDO with Adaptively Biased Power Transistors and Load Aware Feedback CVEST Prof. Zia Abbas 202041037530
28 System And Method For Optical Tracking Of One Or More Players In A Sports Event CVIT Prof. Vineet Gandhi 202041040579